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GV IP Camera
Helan Technics levert Videobewakingssystemen en -componenten van het merk GeoVision. GeoVision is een vooraanstaand merk op dit gebied en met de producten van GeoVision denken wij goede en betaalbare oplossingen te kunnen bieden. Zo kunnen complete oplossingen worden gerealiseerd met IP-Camera’s, netwerk technologie en met uitgebreide communicatie mogelijkheden.

GeoVision Inc., one of the security 50 companies, is a professional manufacturer of intelligent video surveillance systems. GeoVision holds technical edges in state-of-the-art surveillance software, video/audio compression techniques, intelligent video analysis, and hardware enhancements. GeoVision's award-winning GV series surveillance products provide total security solutions for point-of-sale systems, license plate recognition systems, access control systems, and central monitoring systems. With our advantages in video surveillance techniques, we are forging ahead to new fields of IP surveillance, IP camera, video server, network video storage, and video security service.

IP and Hybrid Videosurveillance solutions

NVR IP Camera Video Server

DVR Hybrid DVR CMS Main System

GV-NVR (Network Video Recorder)

 The GV-NVR records video and audio data over TCI/IP networks. With up to 16 channels of pure IP surveillance, the GV-NVR offers the same functions as GV-Series Surveillance System. From monitoring features to video analytics as well as integration with LPR, POS/ATM and Access Control systems, it stands as one of the most comprehensive IP surveillance software in the security market.

Intro NVR Combined with GeoVision IP camera, the GV-NVR takes advantage of a better image quality thanks to the progressive scan technology and allows advanced video features such as Picture-In-Picture and Picture-And-Picture. Compatibility with a wide range of third party IP cameras makes the GV-NVR the ultimate solution for pure IP surveillance environments.

Designed purely for digital network envirmonment. The highly flexible GV-NVR is a professional IP-based surveillance management software that povides feature-rich surveillance functions. it supports various existing/new features found in GeoVision Surveillance System V8.2. Without the need to install a capture card, GV-NVR comes with low cost of installation and provides almost unlimited connectivity options. Furthermore, GV-NVR supports various thrid paries´ IP cameras, as well as GeoVision´s Maga Pixel IP camera that was developed and launched recently. A highly scalable solution that is well suited for today´s security industry needs.

GV-IP CAM1.3M VARIFOCAL CAM D/N (lens built in)

IP Camera

 GV-IPCAM1.3M features a 1.3 magapixel CCD IP Camera that delivers subperb video image quality with high definition up to 1280 x 960, 4 times higer resulution than conventional VGA/D1 cameras. Through the use of progressive scan CCD sensor, the GV-IPCAM 1.3M is able to reporduce ultra smoothe video images of fast moving objects without any interlaced effect. It allows users to monitor critical areas with greater detail than ever.

  • 1.3 megapixel SONY progressive scan CCD
  • Dual streaming support MJPEG and MPEG4
  • Two way audio
  • Digital I/O: 1 IN, 1 OUT
  • Support both 12V DC and PoE
  • Built-in varifocal lens
  • D/N function with mechanical switching IR Filter



 GV-DVR is a surveillance system designed to process video, audio and data from local and remote network environments. With more special features and integration versatility, it delivers powerful and streamlined operation performance as well as enhanced management efficiency.

Intro DVR

Hybrid Solution - When analog meets digital

 Combining the best of both the analog and digital worlds, the GV-Hybrid DVR is a versatile video management platform. It answers needs for a transition from a legacy analog infrastructure towards a pure IP surveillance environment.
Hybrid Solution

GV-Video Server
Video Server
The GV-Video Server is designed to digitize one or two analog video signals, then compress them and send them over an IP network to be viewed on a mobile device, saved in a storage server or processed by a digital surveillance system.

GV-Central Monitoring Station

GV-Center V2

GV-Dispatch Server
Dispatch Server

GV-Vital Sign Monitor
Vital Sign Monitor

GV-Control Center
Control Center

CenterV2 case he GeoVision Central Monitoring Station (GV-CMS) structure includes four independently developed modules: GV-Center V2 (Pro), GV-Dispatch Server, GV-Vital Sign Monitor, and GV-Control Center. Each module has different functions and can be quickly deployed as part of the central monitoring infrastructure.